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Neurophones appeared in Yandex Browser

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2023 10:37 am
by nahar543
Usually on the exchanges the customer is always right. Contractors have to put up with unscrupulous customers and an unfair downgrade of their own rating. e-task considered this moment and found a way to secure both parties. There is a system of ratings and penalties for customers and performers (the penalty is deducted from the balance). So the employer will not be able to change the task when it is already in progress. If the completed task corresponds to the delivered TOR, the customer does not have the right to reject it or send it for revision. It is also forbidden to write insults in the TOR or comments. The contractor, in turn, must not send fictitious reports, hand over unfinished work or not hand it over at all - a fine is also provided for such actions. *If a dispute arises, the losing party pays the fine.

In e task you can additionally earn up to from attracted referrals. For life Money is credited for each replenishment of the balance and withdrawal of funds. E-task API for customers. Allows you to automate the process of creating tasks and receiving reports. How to work in e-task Brief instructions and a short tour of the exchange. To start working with the site, you need to register . The registration process is as simple as possible, as well as working with Israel WhatsApp Number List the exchange - we write an email address and password. No links for activation and confirmation by phone are required - immediately after registration we get into your personal account. The password field also does not exhaust your nerves - there are no warnings like.


Password must consist of letters, one capital, 5 numbers, an exclamation point and the use of symbols ? required. Earnings on the Internet How to complete tasks and earn Inside the e-task, we are greeted by a task tape. You can view everything in a row, or filter by parameters. In the feed, you can see on which site you need to complete the task, its price, the allotted time and the limit for execution (you can complete it once or several times). Earnings on the Internet To find out more and take the task to work, click on the name of the card. It describes in more detail what needs to be done.