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The Ux Team B2c Email List Designs the Product for

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 2:58 am
by simass
According to Steve Krug, in his book From him Do not make me b2c email list think , we must try to answer 4 questions as soon as we enter the site: What is this? That have? What can I do here? Why should I be here and not somewhere else? As the author mentions, we must not make the user think too much: the person must know in which part of the process they are and what will happen next. A button that says “Buy”, where it can be interpreted that with just one click there the purchase has already been made, is not the same as another button that says “Add to cart”. If our platform is for online sales, we do not want the user to get confused and abandon the purchase. People can leave the site for many reasons, but with good UX Writing you will avoid confusion in the purchase steps, misunderstanding of very b2c email list technical terms and incomplete forms.

Also, consumers will not be scared away by incomprehensible b2c email list or alarming error messages. On the other hand, we must not forget accessibility. Some visually impaired users use voice reading software. If the texts do not follow a logical sense, the person will not be able to use the product. Just look at big companies like Google, Facebook, Slack or Spotify: they all have design teams with UX Writers making improvements and developing new products for their users. In fact, one of the pioneers in incorporating UX Writers as a separate role in design was b2c email list YouTube in March 2013.


As the website grew in the market, it had to adapt its product to different b2c email list mobile devices and platforms. They discovered inconsistencies in the tone and voice with which they addressed their users and made the decision to work on them and unify them across all devices. UX makes the difference UX “User Experience” is understood as the way in which a user feels interacting with any digital product or service. With a strong sense b2c email list of empathy, the UX Writer makes a difference by making the user the protagonist and the problem or concern the villain.